Applejay wants to 'Party Tonight'

November 23, 2017

Reggae-pop-R&B artiste Applejay hopes that his latest release, 'Party Tonight', will help cement his name within the industry.

"I am a maker of feel-good music. My ultimate goal is to let my listeners have a good time while I send a message," he said. "This single in particular was done to let my listeners enjoy life ... I do universal music, I don't want my music to stop at a roundabout, I want my music to be on a highway, and I am definitely on my way."

Applejay also shot and released the visuals behind the track shortly after.

While promoting his single, Applejay shared that he is working in the studio in order to master his musical craft.

"People always tell me about my unique sound and with a talent like this, I can only use it to spread positivity," he said. "I am gearing up to release a song titled Stop The Killing that I did to shed light on the crime rate in Jamaica. As an entertainer, I feel as if it is a part of my job to use my music to open the minds of those who listen. I also have new music on the way from Medzbloq production and Sunami Records," he said.

Stop the Killing was produced by Da Works Production and will be released before year end, along with a supporting video.

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