Ding Dong denies feud with Marvin and Nickeisha

November 23, 2017
Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers.
Marvin The Beast and his girlfriend, DHQ Nickeisha
Ding Dong
Dancers Marvin The Beast and DHQ Nickeisha
Ding Dong


Dancer Ding Dong has come out in defence of his crew, Ravers Clavers, denying all allegations of a feud between them and fellow dancers DHQ Nickeisha and Marvin The Beast.

This was after Nickeisha called out the group on her Instagram page, accusing them of picking a war with her and spouse, Marvin. In the post, Nickeisha alleged that members of Ding Dong's crew have been issuing threats to her and her partner, promising them 'gunshots' whenever their paths cross at various street dances.

However, when questioned by THE STAR, Ding Dong rejected Nickeisha's claims, stating that the Ravers is a group that promotes positivity in music and is not involved in any feud, whether physical or verbal.




"Ding Dong and the Ravers don't have no feud or arguments with nobody in the music industry or people that are a part of the dancehall," he said. "We don't have no problem with nobody whatsoever, so I don't know what is that she (Nickeisha) talking about."

When asked whether members of his crew could be picking on Nickeisha and Marvin without his knowledge, Ding Dong said that would be impossible as he is constantly having talks with members of his crew about keeping a positive image in the 'streets'.

"That cannot be possible. The only thing we do as Ravers is spread positivity and love through we dancing and we music," he said.

However, when THE STAR contacted Marvin, he painted a different picture. He said that Ravers members have been 'dropping' words, and trying to cause conflict between them for more than a month now.

He said it all started with a statement he made about some dancers choosing not to dance with females, a statement he believes the Ravers took to heart.

"I went to Boom Sundays one night and I took the mic, and I said: 'Any dancer weh nuh dance wid female, me nah go do dem dance because dancing with females is my thing and that's what I do.' Me never call no name. Me just did a make a statement," he explained. "After I make that speech, me see the vibes change. Dem used to talk to me, and dem stop. And every time we in the dance, dem making up dem face, so basically they took offence to it because dem feel like a dem me did a talk."




Marvin added that there is no way Ding Dong could be unaware of the 'bad vibes' between him and members of his crew, as the deejay has been present at some of the sessions where words were exchanged between both parties.

That aside, Marvin wants Ding Dong to encourage members of his crew to leave him and his partner alone, as they do not wish for things to escalate.

"Him (Ding Dong) know wah gwaan, but make we leave it deh so. Dem constantly a talk bout gunshot, gunshot, and when a man a threaten me, him a send me fi go pree him," he said. "Me nah par wid no entourage and me nuh have no time fi no violence wid nobody, me just wah dem leave out di violence too."

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