Free Inj!n for Christmas

November 24, 2017
Mixologist St. Aublyn Kidd gets ready to rev the Inj!n.

In the spirit of the holiday season, the newest bitters brand to hit the streets, Inj!n, has teamed up with D&G White Rum with a promotion aimed at event planners.

"We're doing this because Christmas is a very festive period, with people having parties and round robins that's something we want to be a part of," said Rory Burchenson, innovations and digital marketing manager at Red Stripe.

"We know that during the holiday season, promoters and organisers incur more expenses than usual. At the same time, not every event can qualify for major sponsorships, so we wanted to alleviate some of the pressure for smaller, local events with the Full 100 campaign," he said.

Party promoters are required to enter their details on a webpage to get a chance to win.

Their entries are reviewed, and as many as five winners are selected every Friday.

"Winners will be contacted and given free mixed cases of liquor for their party, no strings attached," Burchenson said.

Shantal Walker, promoter for Modlers vs Flossers, a party series held in Greenwich Farm, Kingston, is among those who have benefited from the promotion.

"This thing is a crowd favourite. The free case of liquor came in very handy for my party. The persons who came really enjoyed the Inj!n and D&G White Rum mix, and they kept asking for more," said Walker, who was among the first promoters to receive a free case in the Inj!n Full 100 promotion.

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