Stop abusing children, says Mr Vegas

November 24, 2017
Mr Vegas

In light of everything that has been happening with mothers seen abusing their children on social media, Mr Vegas is still singing praises for his late mother in 'My Mommy.'

"The mount a beating she put pon mi body, but thank God mi turn out to somebody," he sings on the track.

According to Mr Vegas, these lyrics are true, however, his mother never beat him with a machete, threatened to kill him, or beat him with excessive force.

"My mom would give me a whooping and then call me to eat my dinner. I use to prolong the bawling because I wanted her to feel bad. sSometimes it worked" He said.

Mr Vegas is also advising single mothers who are having a hard time providing for their children not to emulate the unfortunate behaviours of past abusers.

"Abusing your kids and recording it will not get you help, it will land you in prison. Your children will be taken away and placed in an unfit system that will further scar them for the rest of their lives," he continued.

It was just a short while ago that a St Thomas mother was seen beating her child with a machete out of frustration and poverty and Mr Vegas stepped in and helped her.

Along with good advice, Mr Vegas collected over US$500 that was used to buy products that will be delivered to her to aid her with her starting up a business.

Mr Vegas has also managed to secure a scholarship for her daughter, Shavauna Davis, from The Galleon Foundation to assist with school fees, lunch and uniforms.

The I Am Blessed singer is further reiterating that she is not receiving assistance for what she did to her child and this initiative is to help keep the children in school while providing food for them.

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