'90s tunes get vibes 'mello'

November 27, 2017
A diva sings along to a favourite tune.
Friends hang out at last Saturday's Mello Vibes, held at Mas Camp.
Anthony Minott Kadeon Clarke flashes a smile.
A lady caught up in the Mello Vibes.
A patron rocks to the retro music.
A lady in a mask with her male companion at Saturday's Mello Vibes, helkd at the Mas Camp.
The Marlboro girls get a bit naughty.


Prior to hits from the '90s, patrons were generally in a sombre mood, with just a few showing any activity during Saturday's staging of Colbeck Ginger Wine Mello Vibes at Mas Camp, Stadium North.

However, with the introduction of hit tunes from the '90s patrons got their groove on and were thoroughly entertained. The party's vibes were clearly turned up as the crowd rocked the night away. With the introduction of soca, the momentum continued, before the disc jock slowed the pace down for lovers to embrace.

"I was overwhelmed and my features changed as soon as '90s music began playing," said Kadeon Clarke a '90s baby' in her own right. She said she thoroughly enjoyed herself and is looking forward to the next retro party.

"This is big people party - more dancing less talk. I love the retro concept. This type of music can't die," a man who identified himself Freddy said.


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