Tommy Lee joins peace concert

November 28, 2017
Tommy Lee Sparta performing at last Wednesday's JAMATHON oncert at the National Indoor Sports Centre.
Ernie Smith
Mackie Conscious

The date for the big 'Entertainers Against Crime and Violence' concert, which is slated for Montego Bay, St James, has had a change, and two high-profile additions have been made to the line-up.

"We are pleased to announce that veteran singer Ernie, who is celebrating 50 years in music this year, and Tommy Lee, who hails from Montego Bay, are confirmed for the event," said reggae singer Dennis 'Mackie Conscious' McKay, one of the driving forces behind the event.

"By popular request, we have also changed the date from Saturday, December 2, to Sunday, December 3."

As in its inaugural staging last year, the event will unfold at the popular Dump Up Beach in downtown Montego Bay. It is slated to start at 3 p.m., and the intention is to be finished before midnight so that residents of volatile communities can get home within a reasonable time.

"We are extremely pleased that Tommy Lee has asked to be on the line-up because he is a big fan favourite among the youths, so if we have him pleading for peace, it should have an impact," said McKay.

"We want to see a peaceful St James, and by extension, a peaceful Jamaica again ... we want to see the newspaper headlines carry stories about music and parties again instead of crime and violence."

Some 65 artistes performed at the event last year. Among the acts confirmed to date are the likes of George Nooks, Singing Melody, Lukie D, Paul Elliott, Spanner Banner, Pam Hall, Hezron, Chuck Fender, Anthony Cruz, Nature Ellis, the Persons of Interest Band, the Live Wya Band, the BungGuhLhung band, Zamunda, Mackie Conscious, Lymie Murray, Rankin Pumpkin, Vision, Roland Burrell, Jah Ranks, Katalys Crew, and Tension Invasion.

"Just like last year when we had acts like Ninja Man joining the line-up at the last minute, we know there are acts who will just show-up at the event because they can identify with our desire to promote peace," said McKay.

With almost 300 murders in St James since the start of the year, McKay hopes the message of peace from the entertainers will reach the heart of the violence producers and cause them to abandon their lawless ways.

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