Chronixx goes live this weekend

November 30, 2017

Grammy-nominated artiste Chronixx is to perform on the Jamaica leg of the Chronology Tour tomorrow and Saturday, with performances set to take place at Mas Camp in Kingston and Pier 1 in Montego Bay.

Chronixx Live in Jamaica opens gates at 7 p.m. at Mas Camp in Kingston tomorrow and Pier 1, Montego Bay on Saturday.

"This tour has shown me that reggae music is indeed a world dominating force, not just in Europe and America and Asia and the Pacific where we have been countless times; but in the Caribbean our own people embrace this music. The government embraces it, the people themselves and private promoters embrace it," Brendon 'Daddy Barnes' Sharpe, Chronixx's manager, said.

The Guyana, Trinidad and Grenada legs of the tour have already taken place.

Sharpe said that patriotism is a major reason behind the island-hopping series of the Chronology Tour which began on Wednesday, March 1 this year.

"We haven't performed in the Caribbean for over two years, so we felt that it was time to really give of ourselves and our talent to our own people," he said.

Meanwhile, Chronixx Music Group has plans to remain on tour for another three to four years before releasing the singer's next album.

"We will be heading to Asia next where he will headline the Pattaya Festival in Thailand. That's where he will be closing off his Chronology Tour for 2017 and then he will be picking things up in February 2018 with Australia and New Zealand," said Sharpe.

Chronixx this week received his first Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. He also became the first reggae artiste in recent years to appear on Rolling Stone's prestigious annual Best Albums list.

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