Sean De Vere reshaping his image

November 30, 2017
Sean De Vere 1Don

Dancehall artiste and former Magnum Kings And Queens finalist Sean De Vere has signalled his intention to showcase a more hardcore version of himself by adding '1Don' to his name.

Fresh off his debut tour of the United States, including an impressive performance at the recently held Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival in New York which attracted more than 10,000 patrons, he has his eyes set on making his mark leading up to the festive season.

"Nuh more pretty bwoy ting, me dark side out. I got some tracks to release which I know will raise my profile and surprise many who have never really observed this side of me in a major way," he said.

The artiste, who recently released an album, said the overwhelmingly positive response he enjoyed while on tour was an eye opening experience.

"I expected that touring would have been more challenging in terms of getting forwards without a major hit at the moment but surprisingly the people loved my performances and showed much more love than I even I expected," he said. "The fans gave massive forwards every time I performed my song called 1Don and since then I decided to add it to my name as well as explore my hardcore side because clearly that is the direction my fans want me to go at the moment."

The artiste has also created Team Sean De Vere 1Don which includes marketing specialists, producers, promotional girls and his own street team.

He is currently busy in studio and is set to officially release new singles while promoting his 1Don single.

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