House of Dancehall hosts music festival

December 01, 2017
King Jammy
Josey Wales
Wayne Wonder

House of Dancehall is gearing up to host the first staging of a new dancehall/reggae music festival.

Dubbed Kingston Winter Splash, the festival will take place over four nights from Friday, December 29 to January 1, 2018.

The festival is set to feature a strong contingent of contemporary and vintage selectors and recording artistes.

According to spokesperson for House of Dancehall, Michael Dawson, patrons will be treated to a rounded entertainment package.

"We will feature three foundation sounds: King Jammy, Kilamanjaro and Black Scorpio on one big lawn on one night with Legendary DJs Chaplin, Josey Wales and General Trees" he said. "We are basically celebrating the legacy of dancehall with a fascinating trip down memory lane for those who used to patronise the likes of House of Leo, Prison Oval, Cactus and Asylum clubs and Skatelend. This series is being done especially for the persons who have heard of the better days of dancehall and the foundation sounds."

House of Dancehall also plans to thrill patrons with the return of controversial media personality Ragashanti, who will host an intimate New Year's Eve show.

"This is a personal mission to 'bring sexy back' to parties," Dawson said, noting that the popular media personality has what it takes to bring that element to the festival.

That show will be headlined by the group LUST and will feature performances by Terror Fabulous, Frisco Kid and Wayne Wonder.

Kingston Winter Splash will also feature House of Leo's giant Metro Media, who will juggle with King Addies from New York, Exodus Nuclear, Renaissance and Silver Hawk.

On that night, organisers are hoping to send patrons into a nostalgic tailspin with the ambience as the decor will aim at emitting an 'old school dancehall' vibe.

Persons are encouraged to go along with that theme by sporting clothing like merinos, linen suits, and tams.

Patrons who follow the theme will pay a discounted entrance fee.

Reggae will not be left out of the mix as one night is reserved for the genre with performances expected from acts such as Sizzla, Pressure and Kabaka Pyramid.

That show is expected to take place on New Year's Day. All the events will be held at House of Dancehall's headquarters on Cargill Avenue.

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