'Party of the decade' - as DJ Khaled celebrated his 42nd birthday

December 04, 2017
DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled celebrated his birthday with the "party of the decade". The 'I'm the One' hitmaker turned 42 on November 26, and he enjoyed a belated star-studded celebration at a Beverly Hills estate over the weekend to mark the occasion.

His fellow mentor on The Four, Puff Daddy, threw the party, which saw Kid Capri man the decks and Kelly Rowland serenade Khaled with a version of Happy Birthday, while guests in attendance included Pharrell Williams, Jermaine Dupri, Usher, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, record company executive Jimmy Iovine, and Teyana Taylor.

Poking fun at his famous guest list, Khaled quipped on social media: "Biggest party of the decade!

"Thank you for everyone coming out #djkhaledbdaycelebration video and pics I'm let go after I rest up ... "Thank you @diddy @kodaklens for hosting and dj @kidcapri101 ! Ain't no party like #BILLIEANDDIDDY #DIDDYANDBILLIE party !

"At this celebration we had more icons attend then any award show ... (sic)"




Meanwhile, the producer recently vowed to teach his son Asahd - who he has with fiancÈe Nicole Tuck - to celebrate his life every day.

Speaking after the little boy's first birthday, he said: "It's important to throw your children the biggest birthday parties ever not only to wish them happy birthday and their blessings, but I'm teaching my son it's his birthday every day.

"When I say it's his birthday every day, God gave us life, we're breathing, we have a family - we have to celebrate that.

"Even if something ain't going right that day, I go outside and I breathe and I say, 'Man, God is so great, I've got life,' even if it's a bad day because I could overcome it because I'm breathing.

"I'm teaching my son, 'When it comes down to mommy and daddy, you're only gonna see love and inspiration and beauty and motivation, and we're here for you'.

"So when he grows up and something's not love, he's gonna know. My son wakes up every day smiling, he goes to bed smiling. That's what it's about. He's my life."

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