TugStar building momentum with new single

December 05, 2017

Recording artiste TugStar is making waves with his latest single, Blaze the Chalice.

Released in early October, the song has over 400,000 plays on Soundcloud.

It was released under his record label, Haus of Records and was co-produced by Lt Irie and plans are being made for an accompanying music video to be released early 2018.

Born Howard Johnson in Clarendon, Jamaica, he started out under the name 'Tuggy'.

One of his most notable achievements is being the Guinness Ultimate Champion in 2005. Since then, his career has taken off and has seen him working with both local and international artistes, as well as producers such as Snagga Puss, Skatta Burrell, Rvssian, QQ, and Serani.

From banging beats on his desk as a youngster in high school to building a career into adulthood, TugStar, now based in Canada, continues to work with local and international acts while keeping his record label afloat.

A collaboration with Harvey Paris, a singer from Canada, titled That Girl is set to be released in January.

The ball will keep rolling in 2018 when he will be trekking across the United States for a tour and possibly continuing in Europe afterwards. Tugstar is working towards building a brand on the international market and making more connections in mainstream media.

His goal is to bring authentic dancehall-reggae music to all corners of the world. Judging from the success so far of Blaze the Chalice, as well as past hits such as Life Goes On and Nah Sleep Wine, TugStar is well on his way to achieving just that.

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