Bacardi YouTube series features Tifa, Spice

December 06, 2017

Early last month Bacardi announced that it was giving its brand an online push in the UK through a four-part mini-documentary on the link between music and rum.

The Sound of Rum has produced three episodes so far with dancehall artistes Tifa and Spice being featured on the most recent one.

Sound of Rum-Ladies First released over the weekend is all about female empowerment and features women who have dominated the music scene in dancehall, soca and rap.

In the three minute video, Tifa, Spice, Alison Hinds, British rapper Stefflon Don and dancer Mystique encourage women to pursue their dreams at all costs despite their gender.

Spice encourages females to stand together, pointing out that every movement is stronger when the members unite for a common purpose.

"Female empowerment is very important for me and I believe that if we come together as females we would be a stronger force to reckoned with," she said.

Hinds hoped to reach even "a couple of those girls and make them think whatever your passion is you can achieve it."

"Just find what is yours and then go out there and give it to the world," she said.

Tifa pointed out that women should be confident enough in themselves to go after what they want, particularly in the music industry where not everyone will like what they bring to the table.

"At the end of the day if you like what you stand for you have to project that out there irrespective of if somebody likes it or not," she said.

The Sound of Rum Series can be viewed on Bacardi's YouTube channel.

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