Dexta Daps excites at Richie Stephens' birthday party

December 06, 2017
Dexta Daps (left) and birthday boy Richie Stephens share the stage.
Mutabaruka (left) pay tribute to his friend, Richie Stephens (right) at the artiste's birthday celebrations.
Trish poses for our cameras.
Camile sparkles in black with a dress from the Hoof fashion collection.
Singer Natesha Stream takes a photo with Gefus from Stone Love sound system.

Not many local acts can appeal to the heart and soul of women from different generations, and young gun Dexta Daps has that musical ability.

The proud Seaview Gardens product, Daps, was the closing act at Richie Stephens' birthday celebrations kept at the scenic Jewels Resort, located on Portmore's hip strip, Port Henderson Road last Saturday.

Richie Stephens, who had already performed for his glowing fans, returned on stage during Dexta Daps' set, and the two crooners from different eras sent the females into a frenzy.

Richie Stephens drew songs like Weakness for sweetness, and maniac went over well with the crowd.

Meanwhile, Dexta Daps was cool and collected. He delivered well with songs like Owner, 7Eleven, and others.

He called up another artiste from Seaview, BlakkMan, and they combined for the emotional Miss You So Much track, dedicated to a lost friend.

Also giving creditable performances were Professor Nuts, with his witty lyrics; singers, Lukie D and Thriller U who ventured into a medley of songs; Wayne J giving his 'school life' experiences; RDX, who encouraged the women to Shake Your Bam Bam, and others.

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