Dub School creating its own following

December 07, 2017
A drummer performs at a recent staging of Dub School.


Many local fans are acutely aware of the weekly event hosted by Dub Club on Skyline Drive, where selectors or artistes are invited or highlighted.

Dub Club provides a steady atmosphere with familiar faces.

But a similar movement, Dub School, founded by Kevin Salmon, has been described as a more open atmosphere for "anybody that plays roots music, can (come and perform), more or less, any artiste that sings roots music as well."

Dub School takes on a more nomadic, spontaneous style of execution. For this event, the mic and tables are open for anyone to make a mix or sing a song.

"I would a like Dub School happen every day of the week, in every country that reggae actually happens, and gwaan build other places too, where reggae doesn't happen yet," Salmon said.

The first Dub School happened approximately three years ago.

Explaining where the school compares to the club, Salmon said: "We have somewhat of a similar kind of venue - in terms of the indoor/outdoor kind of vibes."




According to Salmon, though he leads the charge for Dub School - he hasn't played a set for the past few weeks.

"A whole month will pass. Sometimes Dub School is run and I don't even play. That's one of the main differences. I'm trying to focus less on featuring. It's open for talent to come through," he said.

Dub School has visited multiple locations around Kingston and St Andrew, including Jamnesia Beach in Eight Miles.

But one definite place to enjoy it is every Wednesday night at Stone's Throw Bar on Manning's Hill Road.

Dub School has also travelled internationally, though Salmon has not done the travelling himself.

"My sistren named Binghi Dan did Dub School in Miami. Dub School Kenya still happeningit was on pause but it start back. They just caught on with the energy and just organise and do dem ting. There's also Dub School Bahamassame kinda vibe," he said.

"I want people to just pass through and basically, sing. People can expect any artiste, like how Beenie Man deh deh last week, and Sean Paul deh deh week before. I want people to know that any kind of artiste can be there. Sometimes them perform, sometimes them don't. Is just dem kinda vibes deh," he said.

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