Khago is ungrateful! - Artiste's mother rubbishes obeah accusations

December 08, 2017

Dancehall artiste Khago is never afraid to speak his mind or even get himself caught in a bit of controversy. However last week, fans of the entertainer were left wide-eyed and appalled after he took to social media to hurl insults and accusations towards his mother and sister.

The singer went in a rage as he accused his mother and sister of hurting him. He went even further by stating that his mother was an obeah woman who went to great lengths to stifle his life and career.

Yesterday, THE WEEKEND STAR spoke with Khago's mother, Joycelyn*, who said she is extremely distressed to hear her son's malicious accusations.

"Something really wrong with him. I really don't know what to say, but my son should not be ungrateful and remember where he is coming from. If anyone should go into the community where we live, they would tell you how I take care of my children," she said.

During the 11-minute expletive-laced video, Khago labelled his mother as the person who wrecked his career with her sorcery practises.

"Di only ting dat gal eva do is birth me. Mi spend $17 million to build a house give mi madda, and me can't go deh because every time me go, mi head swell big so. When mi a clean out di place, is a dead monkey mi find wrapped up inna towel with a baby face. A mi madda mek mi career tun dung," he said.

Between sighs, Joycelyn dismissed all the claims made by her son, stating that she has never practised witchcraft and would not do anything to harm any of her eight children. She further stated that she worked tirelessly after his father died more than 25 years ago to ensure that he and his siblings were properly cared for.

"Mi feel like mi a go drop dung. Him ungrateful bad. Where mi woulda get monkey from. All of Khago family love him. No one nah try destroy him. Mi a wonder if him in a cult and them ask him to kill him madda and him a try, but him nah go kill me off," she said.

Joycelyn admitted that she had moved into the house Khago built in Manchester, but it was only after he had invited her in and told her it was hers. She explained that their relationship was great, but it had turned sour approximately a year after she had taken up residency.

"I do everything for him, but whenever he finds a new girlfriend he acts different. When he asked me to leave, I did, and I went to stay with family. That was in 2013, and I never set foot in that house again," she said.

Khago's mom said that she recently reached out to the singer after her daughter implored her to give him a call. She said that they had a 'decent' conversation, and he even encouraged her to return to the house in Manchester.




"He told me that I had eight children and that I shouldn't be working for anyone. I told him that I wasn't going back to the house because all he did was use me. Mi frighten till mi weak when mi hear about all of his disgraceful accusations against me and his sister," she said.

Joycelyn emphasised that Khago had changed from the quiet and humble son that she knew, and she believes he needs physiological help. She added that if she was currently in Jamaica, she would have taken legal action against him as he was defaming her character.

And if she were to see her fifth son face to face, she said it is unlikely that they would speak.

"I don't think I would talk to him. He is too disrespectful, not only to me, but his family. The popularity clearly has gotten to his head. You know what hurt me the most, I was supposed to go to college, but I put that aside to take care of my children, and now to hear him behave like this is really hurtful," she said.

*Name changed

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