Tony Kelly evokes emotions on dancehall rhythm

December 08, 2017
Tony 'CD' Kelly

Four-time Grammy-winning and Platinum-selling producer Tony 'CD' Kelly has unleashed his latest project. The 'Caramel Ice Cream' rhythm is his first various artiste project in years.

The project, which has eight songs, is now available via iTunes and other digital platforms.

"It was just a vibe, not necessarily anything specific. I kind of wanted to build a mellow emotion-evoking vibe with dancehall undertone," Kelly said.

"I built this rhythm around 2012 or 2013, and no one was getting it, until that OVO sound took over the world, then everyone got it. They were like this is fire. I had been trying to tell them that for years."

Kelly is known for producing several hits which have made the Billboard charts. Among his successful rhythm projects over the years are the 'Underwater', 'Kiki', 'Bookshelf' and 'Buy Out' rhythms.




Having found massive success locally and internationally, it is no surprise that the feedback has been good.

"It has been crazy. Everyone is loving how different it is and the emotional vibe they're getting from it. Can't really serve up the same thing everybody is serving. Gotta offer the people something else, and they're loving it," he said.

The tracks featured on the Caramel Ice Cream are Our Future by Shaggy, Falling by Wayne Wonder, Come To Me by GC, Risk It All by ADN, Plans by Romain Virgo, Don't Let Go by Atiba, Badda by Khalia and Busy Signal, and Temptation by D Major.

"The first artiste to record was Atiba, who is relatively new, and that's how it started. Then Shaggy did his voicing and GC who writes with Shaggy and is always at Shaggy's studio, The Ranch, heard it and wanted to jump on board. ADN, who is a pop/EDM writer and artiste from the US, was going crazy when Rodney Hill played it for him, and he wanted to try his style on it," Kelly explained.

"I think it worked so well that whenever I hear his version, it takes the rhythm to another dimension. We were working in the studio with Busy Signal on another track with Khalia from a Dutch producer Sidney Sampson, and we came up with the idea of doing Badda on the rhythm, and everyone just loved it."

So far, two music videos have been released from the project, namely Wayne Wonder's Falling and Badda by Khalia and Busy Signal.

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