Theatre lovers to get Christmas treat from Shebada

December 13, 2017
Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay

Play lovers are in for a treat this Christmas as they will be rolling in the aisles while laughing for this year's Christmas roots theatre play, 'Set Up'.

The provocatively titled Set Up will kick off at the Olympia Crown Hotel, beginning December 22, featuring an all-star cast of Keith 'Shebada' Ramsay, who once again reunites with Maxwell 'Bashy' Grant for a play which is a guaranteed rib-tickler.

Written by Garfield 'Bad Boy Trevor' Reid, this comedy depicts the real life challenges facing two different couples from contrasting socio-economic situations. First, meet the Coxes, a well-to-do married couple from the hills of St Andrew who are having marital problems and lacking a spark in the bedroom.

Then meet the rambunctious couple, Cappa and Stella, a common-law couple from the rough streets of some nameless inner city of Kingston. Mired in poverty, they seem to love each other, but the lack of money leads to constant fights and bottle-throwing spats.

Into this mix steps Shibby (Ramsay), who is a next door neighbour of Cappa, played by Trevor Reid, and Stella, alternately played by newcomers Trudy Bunting and Kimone Morgan, but who also works as a butler for the Coxes. He sniffs out the marital problems of the couple, and for a 'fee' arranges for Mr Cox, played by Maxwell 'Bashy' Grant to meet Stella, who Shibby claims, possesses assets which are of the legendary variety and guaranteed to 'blister'.

In a bid to double up his money, Shibby also arranges for Cappa to 'service' Mrs Cox, played by Monique Ellis, who is long overdue for her next 'oil change'. As you can well imagine, hilarity ensues, and the events that unfold underline the old adage that 'love of money is the root of all evil''.


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