Whappingz Thursdays finds new home

December 13, 2017
Her smile was enough to light up the venue.
The stars were out at Whappingz Thursdays. From left: selector Krazy Kriss, singer Ghost, Bobby Phantom (Whappingz Thursdayz promoter), Beenie Man, and dancer John Hype.
The team that makes it happen. From left: Pretoria, Bobby Phantom, Michelle and Manda.
The women from Israel had a great time at the party.
Israel's Shiraz Cohen (left) poses with her Jamaican friend.
Sasha wasn't too shy to give THE STAR a fierce pose.
Lakini aka 'Short Man' had the time of his life when this female patrons decided to dance with him.
Patrons rock to the dancehall beat.
Jah Zal (left) and Shiraz Cohen of Israel put in a few dance moves of their own.
Anthony Minott/ Photographer This couple wasn't afraid to get down to some serious business.

Whappingz Thursdays is now up and running in the parking lot at Mystic Plaza, 78 3/4 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 11.

The event had to be moved from Mahoe Drive in St Andrew because of violence in the area.

Bobby Phantom, the promoter of Whappingz Thursdays, said that the venue is new, but the vibe will remain the same.

"The event took a break and some people said that Whappingz will not be held anymore, and I live to prove them wrong. Just look at us now," Phantom said, adding that patrons are able to party in a safe and convenient environment.

Over the years, Whappingz Thursdays became a popular feature of Kingston's nightlife for locals and visitors seeking an authentic dancehall experience. Teams from Germany, Israel, and Japan are among the foreigners who attend weekly.

The party has also attracted the likes of Beenie Man, singer Ghost, veteran dancer John Hype, entertainer Chi Ching Ching, dancer Energy, and Japanese dancer Kiss Kiss.

Here are highlights from the party.

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