Journey continues for Tatik

December 15, 2017

After releasing the inspiring track 'On My Way' earlier this year, fast-rising artiste Tatik has followed up with his latest promotional effort, 'Journey Continues'.

"It's a motivational song, aiming for the best. I might not be living the life as how I'm singing about it, but it's something I have claimed in the name of Jesus," he expressed.

Tatik officially started his journey back in 2013, but fell in love with music from a very young age. Still, it wasn't until he finished fourth on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall this year that he started getting real recognition.

"To be honest, music has always been a part of me and it is a wonderful feeling getting such great attention for doing something that you love. The feedback is positive for my encouraging music and I'm getting a lot of great comments," he said.

He said that his mission is to bring about positive changes across the globe through his contribution in music.

Journey Continues was released in early November and has since been getting exceptional rotation on local and international radio.

Many people have also been talking about Tatik because of his recent proposal to his long-time girlfriend.

"I recently got engaged and my songs and photos appeared on a few well-known pages on social media, so I decided to work the publicity as well and just drop a new song behind it called Million Reasons, produced by Blaqk Sheep Music," he said.

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