Ninja Man's sentencing will dampen Christmas - industry insiders

December 15, 2017
Ninja Man
Macka Diamond

Convicted deejay Ninja Man is one of those entertainers who would use the festive season to spread cheer to members of his community as well as close family and friends.

While the entertainer awaits today's sentencing, some industry insiders say smiles will turn into frowns this Christmas for those closest to the artiste.

Macka Diamond, reminiscing on Ninja Man's ability to make people smile from simply being in his presence, told THE WEEKEND STAR that this Christmas will be difficult for Jamaicans, especially those who he used to raise funds for from his charity.

"Whole heap a people a go miss him because dem know if he was around, they would have a good Christmas. It wasn't only because of weh him coulda do fi people, but just him friendship and fi have him pass through pan di ends and laugh and chat," she said. "Even me, me know if him did deh a road and me buck up inna him me woulda have a good Christmas, too, because him just kind-hearted and not seeing him around and running into him at events for the holiday will take some getting used to.

She added that as one of the best performers in dancehall history, the deejay would be particularly missed during the festive period as this is the time most promoters would be clamouring to have him on their events.




"I'm sure a lot of promoters miss him because Ninja is a artiste weh people love fi stage show. Promoters a go definitely miss him because dem man deh tun up stage show wid dem vibes," she said.

Artiste manager Julian Jones-Griffith said the deejay is Jamaica's greatest ever live entertainer.

"Even though there aren't many stage shows kept locally anymore, he is always one of the first names on the bill because he's guaranteed to deliver," he said. "From him step foot on stage and strike a pose, the place mash up. He has never had to rely on a hit song to rock any crowd," he said.

But he pointed out that Ninja Man's efforts to spread cheer in his community every year was testament to the fact that the deejay was writing a new chapter in his life.

"I've known 'Gorgon' for over 25 years, and while he's had a very wild side at points, he's one of the most generous and giving people you will ever meet," he said. "The last few years, you can see age has matured him and he has really turned his life around. He's been doing so much for so many people, and his removal from society will deeply affect those who were benefiting from the positive impact he was having."

Ninja Man is expected to learn his fate today after being convicted on murder charges earlier this month. The deejay is facing life imprisonment.

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