Twin of Twins to juggle at Strictly 2K

December 15, 2017
Twin of Twins
ZJ Chrome

The organisers of Strictly 2K Best of the 2000s, scheduled to take place at the National Stadium later this month, have added Twin of Twins to their entertainment package.

In a release sent to THE WEEKEND STAR, promoters Jamrock Entertainment Management (JEM) and ZJ Chrome revealed that when highlighting music from the 2000s the duo cannot be left out as they helped to redefine music during that period.

"Twin of Twins redefined dancehall entertainment in the 2000s," said IB Konteh, JEM's communications director. "We were always used to the conventional forms of dancehall entertainment. With Stir it Up, they brought social commentary in very funny and relatable way, using the voices of dancehall characters. To this day, we still quote lines from those early tapes. It is difficult to talk about dancehall in the 2000s without Twin of Twins being in that conversation."

ZJ Chrome sought to make it clear that the duo would be there as the headline sound and will be a part of the musical juggling.

"We don't want people to think that the twins will be there to do a skit. They are the headline sound and they will be juggling," Chrome shared. "It is going to be one of the highlights of every patron's night and it promises to be a great set."

The night will also feature the musical stylings of ZJ Liquid, DJ Nicco and ZJ Chrome. Twin of Twins gained notoriety in 2003 when they released Stir it Up Volume 4 The Crucifixion of the Ghetto.

Strictly 2K is scheduled for December 30.

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