Deep Jahi launches own record label

December 20, 2017
Deep Jahi

Reggae/dancehall artiste Deep Jahi has launched his own record label Third Eye Vision Productions and is promoting new singles 'Money Hunny' and 'Prison Bars'.

According to singer, who is known for his record Life Goes On, he decided to start his own label in order to exercise more control over his work.


"The music is a business first and foremost and it's good to learn the business side of it. Being a producer of your own work also helps you to navigate your music and control your property as a businessman. It is a really good experience and you also get to view your career from a wide view and know the pros and the cons to the music," he said.

Since the creation of the label, the singer has been getting favourable attention for his first production effort Prison Bars

"This song is to open the eyes of the younger generation to stay in check and know that for actions there are equal consequences" he said.

Deep Jahi's talent is no secret to the music industry. However while he has received validation on the underground music scene, the artiste thinks more media attention would take his work to the highest level.

"Right through the country and worldwide the music is known and respected but the industry is slowly getting to realise the prospective greatness," he said. "I will become one of Jamaica's stalwarts for reggae and dancehall music and also the owner of one of the biggest recording label, in time."


The singjay has largely stayed on the positive path with his music and laments that times are too serious to do otherwise.

"The message is what is needed in society right now. The heinous crime and violence that has taken a strong toll on our community is impacting on young minds," he said. "So the music should be good for mind so the youths can learn from it and have a positive mindset. It's is also a worldwide cry for peace hence the music is to lead the people," he stated.

The artiste also teamed up with B.I.G Rekordz for the production work on Prison Bars. A video for Money Honey was recently released.

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