Magnum Kingston auditions deliver mixed performances

December 20, 2017
Di Optimist, entertains with his lyrically charged conscious tune.
Slim Touch deserved her ticket as she performed well to 'Cheat Pon Me'.
Guitarist Danejalee waits on his time to shine.

The Kingston leg of Magnum Kings and Queens provided a mixture of  high entertainment and mediocre performances.

Sanjay, one of the show's producers, said that the Kingston audition usually has the highest number of hopefuls, and a "high concentration of talent."

"Kingston definitely lived up to its expectations," he opined.

The auditions started in Savanna-la-Mar, before moving to Portmore and May Pen, before ending in Kingston.

The panel, which is made up of the judges and producers, will now sift through DVD images of all contestants who were given a ticket at the five auditions to select who will be given a chance to perform live.

The live show will begin on Saturday, February 3, 2018 on TVJ.

In Kingston, Di Optimist impressed the judges with his lyrics and delivery. However returning artiste, Unorthodox, didn't impress the judges.

Miss Kitty opined that if he should be given a ticket he must deliver at a higher level than the contestants performing for the first time on the show.

Two standout females, were actually not from Kingston. The best of the lot was Old Harbour-based Bad Gyal Jade who pelted lyrics on her song 'Business', which earned forwards from the crowd and the judges.

"The auditions were great, I'm eager to know if I'll make it to the live show," she expressed.

Slim Touch, who wooed the judges with Cheat Pon Me told THE STAR she was "born for this" (entertainment).

"I'm happy I delivered what I came to do," the St Mary native said. 

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