LA Lewis faces up - Artiste in photo eating forbidden fruit

December 21, 2017
LA Lewis
LA Lewis

Having been caught on camera eating the forbidden fruit, dancehall entertainer LA Lewis is seeking to get more Jamaican males to man-up and be proud about going down.

The entertainer had tongues wagging yesterday after a video and photograph of him in a compromising sexual position made the rounds on social media.

"Yeah man, a me. I deliberately leggo the picture not as a publicity stunt, but to let Jamaican man dem know that a modern time now and dem have to leggo off a the foolishness and stop hide," LA Lewis said as he faced up to the matter.

But he backed away when asked about another photo in which he appeared to be masturbating. That image, he said, was digitally created.

On the matter of his decision to perform oral sex, LA Lewis refused to say how long ago he began engaging in the act. He told The STAR that the practice of oral sex isn't taboo anymore and the nation's men should feel or be liberated as it relates to their sex lives.

The oral sex photo shows LA Lewis, with his shades on his head on one of his dreadlocks down the centre of his forehead, going down on a woman who appeared to have taken off her panties but opted not to get totally naked. A video of the encounter shows the entertainer joyfully rocking his head from side to side as he pleasures his partner.

"The lady in the picture is my girlfriend and her body is clean. I was recently in St Marteen, and after being in countries outside of Jamaica, I realise that we are way behind time. Other than Vybz Kartel, Ninja Man and a couple others, I am one of the most influential person in Jamaica, so when the man dem see LA Lewis a dweet, dem a go just come out a dem shell," he said.




He stated that although he may be bashed by some of society's males for being open about the practice, he isn't bothered by their opinions.

"Me support the lifestyle, and as me say, a whole heap a top man a dweet. It is all about pleasing you partner. A nuff time me get it and me partner used to ask me back fa and me na dweet, but me decide to dweet now," he said.

LA Lewis said he has been getting positive feedback and thumbs up from both men and women since the picture was released.

"A whole heap a man ring me phone and big me up because me naw bun it out, and the woman dem say dem love it. A nuff top man who me never know say even dweet call off me phone and a say 'welcome to the club' " he said.

However, social media blogger Dr Love recalled that he was recently chastised by Lewis for condoning the practice of oral sex.

"A him office that, man, so him couldn't deny it. Me know di office because a deso him make him live videos from. Remember, LA bun me out just recently and say a me alone fi do dem tings deh. All when me do the Ishawna song say me wa do it to her, him bun me out. But welcome to the club, mi bredda," Dr Love said.

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