No time for feuding, says Bella Blair

December 22, 2017
Bella Blair

Anyone pushing for a showdown between social media personalities Bella Blair and Bad Gyal Dydy can kiss the notion goodbye, as Bella Blair has made it clear that she will not be feeding into the negativity.

A post made by Dydy last week ignited rumours of a brewing feud between both females. The post, which has since been deleted, saw Dydy pledging to 'beat one more chick' before she completes her journey to maturity. The social media star did not call Bella Blair's name, but users were quick to highlight Blair as the subject of Dydy's post, tagging Bella Blair in a bid to get her attention.

The tactic seemingly worked because on Tuesday night, Bella Blair released a video on her official Instagram page in which she stated, among other things, that she will not be forced into a feud with Dydy.


"For all the people pushing for a beef between me and Dydy, could you stop or push for your beef in your likkle corner or your likkle badmind, hating square," she said. "Unuh a di same ones weh a go say females don't support each other in the industry, blah blah blah, and yet still any likkle ting weh happen unuh try put one female against the other or one person against the other."

She added that although she is seeking to make her mark in the industry, she refuses to make a name for herself by fighting with a colleague; something she believes has become too commonplace in dancehall.

"The track record speaks for itself," she said. "Everybody who popular, dem been in a feud before Alkaline vs Kartel, Beenie vs Bounty Killer. Me see Shenseea a do her thing, unuh a try put her in a feud with somebody. It's just like unuh heart really dutty. Me nuh really have no place fi nuh feud inna weh me a do. Me inna me lane me a stick to it, me a do me work."

Bella Blair received a huge amount of support for her post with fellow social media personalities, including Trabass and Quite Perry, commending her for her mature response to the situation. Even Dydy was spotted in the comments section responding to the video with heart emojis, a sign that she agrees with Blair's take on the situation.

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