Sizzla threatens LA Lewis ... Calls artiste nasty after oral sex video

December 27, 2017
Adrian Frater photo Sizzla performing at GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza at the Luana Sports Complex in St. Elizabeth.
File LA Lewis

Firebrand singjay Sizzla has unleased his fury on newly branded 'ate-star general', LA Lewis who was captured on camera giving a woman oral sex.

“LA Lewis, anytime me see yu again me ago kick yu under the throat,” said Sizzla.

The Rastafarian artiste made the comment while on stage at the GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza at the Luana Sports Complex in St Elizabeth.

“Some bwoy a claim dat a dem a run de place and de gal a siddung inna dem face," Sizzla said while belting out dazzling lyrics in the early stages of his excellent set.  

 He continued: “Hey bwoy LA Lewis….Hey nasty bwoy LA Lewis… a New Year a come and de youth dem a defend education…We bun out down inna throat and you get bright a shove yu face inna gal nookie.” 

LA Lewis, the self-described seven-star general, said the images that are making the round which show him in a compromising position are authentic. 

"Yeah man, a me. I deliberately leggo the picture not as a publicity stunt, but to let Jamaican man dem know that a modern time now and dem have to leggo off a the foolishness and stop hide," LA Lewis said as he faced up to the matter.

The oral sex photo shows LA Lewis, with his shades on his head and one of his dreadlocks down the centre of his forehead, going down on a woman who appeared to have taken off her panties but opted not to get totally naked. A video of the encounter shows the entertainer joyfully rocking his head from side to side as he pleasures his partner.

"The lady in the picture is my girlfriend and her body is clean. I was recently in St Marteen, and after being in countries outside of Jamaica, I realise that we are way behind time. Other than Vybz Kartel, Ninja Man and a couple others, I am one of the most influential persons in Jamaica, so when the man dem see LA Lewis a dweet, dem a go just come out a dem shell," he told The STAR last week.


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