Jamaican actor to appear in 'Power'

December 28, 2017
Jarayne Pinnock
Jarayne Pinnock

Jamaican actor Jarayne Pinnock, 26, is set to make an appearance in the upcoming season of the hugely popular STARZ television series 'Power'.

Pinnock, who is from Spanish Town, St Catherine, is cast to play the role of a distant cousin to the children of the lead character, 'Ghost', played by Omari Hardwick.

"You will see me. It is not a speaking role, but you guys will see me," he told THE STAR.

Describing his role in Power as surreal, Pinnock, who plays Bobby on the Jamaican series Real Friends, believes that this is only the beginning of his success in acting as he has auditioned for a number of acting jobs, including for Marvel's Netflix series Luke Cage.

"Thus far, the Power feature has been the biggest highlight for me ... . I ended up standing behind (characters) Tommy and Ghost," he said. "During the scene when I was walking with them, it was crazy. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me. I can't reveal too much information, but we were all carrying a coffin."


Journey to Hollywood


Pinnock said if person's follow the show, they will know who dies.

"And then there was an interaction with Michael Rainy's character Tariq. Having that moment and that little time on camera was amazing," he added.

Pinnock's journey to Hollywood started while at the University of West Indies (UWI), where he was pursuing a degree in journalism when he became interested in appearing on the College Lifestyle reality television programme. After making it on to the show, he decided that he wanted to act in movies.

"When I was at UWI, I represented Jamaica in the WCOPA (World Championships of Performing Arts) competition, where I won a gold medal and a scholarship to NYCDA (New York Conservatory of the Dramatic Arts). After I graduated there, I got an agent and had auditions," he said.

Despite also being trained in broadcast and print journalism, Pinnock said that he is focused on his acting career and has aspirations to star in television shows, feature films, and to be in a number-one-rated show in the US.

He is counting on the blessings of God and his agent for greater success in a very competitive industry.

"It is not like you do an accounting and banking degree, so you go to work in banks because jobs are there. That is not how acting works. You have movies, but there are billions and trillions of actors, so when I make it, I will know that it is the grace of God," he said.

Although Pinnock's career is in the formative stage, he is doing all he can to see it through, including going to classes and joining acting websites.

"I just do my best and learn from my mistakes ... (I will) just continue grinding and hope for the best," he said.

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