Ragashanti to ring in new year in Jamaica

December 28, 2017
Kingsley 'Ragashanti' Stewart

The 'King of Mix Up', Ragashanti, returns to Jamaica to ring in the new year.

The entertainer is expected to host two events back-to-back, one on New Year's Eve and the other on New Year's Day.

The former local radio personality is expected to make a special appearance at the House of Dancehall on Sunday for their 'Clean and Sexy Affair' party, one of the series of events in their Winter Splash Festival.

House of Dancehall owner Michael Dawson encouraged patrons to come out early to the event as the excitement surrounding Ragashanti's return guarantees a sold-out show.

"We are very honoured that he agreed to be here for a special night. We can only urge his loyal fans to come out early because as we know in New York, the doors to Raga's parties get shut once they hit capacity and he pretty much always sells out, and those events are done without a L.U.S.T. quartet of Thriller U, Lukie D, Singing Melody or Tony Curtis providing entertainment or a Dancehall Queen Carlene co-hosting," he said. "Raga sells out large venues with a 5,000 capacity in the USA all the time. His Ragabashes are known as the night New Yorkers dress up for a grown and sexy event, his Outa Orda parties are always memorable; so fans can expect this show to be nothing less."

Then, come New Year's Day, Ragashanti heads to Sugarman's Beach for the 'Bad Behaviour Beach Party'. As the name suggests, women are being encouraged to unleash their 'naughty' side at this event, with organisers promising treats for the naughtiest girl.

Women are encouraged to bring their wild side and indulge in competitions such as the lollipop-licking contest, the ice cream-sucking contest and the lingerie football competition.

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