Dancers' Paradise: Shelly-Ann Callum dancing through injuries

December 29, 2017
Shelly-Ann Callum (front) of Dance Xpressionz is a teacher at dance moves.
Stacy-Ann Facey is supported by Shelly-Ann Callum during the street dance scene.

During a short Latin American tour in October of this year, Shelly-Ann Callum of Dance Xpressionz received news that she would have to put a pause on her career. Due to a swollen knee and severe pain, the dancer had to be taken to a knee specialist on arrival in Mexico, after leaving Colombia.

"When I got to Mexico, the promoter said 'that looks bad', so she took me to the specialist, where they extracted three tubes of fluid from the knee and sent me to do an x-ray," Callum told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Callum, who is also called the First Lady, was informed that she had a broken meniscus and would need cartilage transplant.

"Tears ran and I was in shock when I was told no dancing, no excessive walking, and if I were to walk, I had to use crutches," she said.




Persons would be surprised by the scope of the dancer's injuries, which also include damage to her back, hand, and toes, to name a few.

"When I returned to Jamaica after the tour, I got some pills to take from a herbal store and here I am still dancing, no swelling, and doing great. My knee injury is just motivation as I focus on my dance future," Callum said.

Dance plays a major role in Callum's life so much, that she resigned from her job as an English literature teacher at Ascot High School to pursue her passion.

"I taught English literature through the arts. Myself and two other teachers, O'Neil Tobias and Sashoni Brown from Excelsior Community College, formed the first performing arts programme at the school."

Callum has recently returned from a tour on RÈunion Island, hosted with business partner Orville Xpressionz. They also concluded the 'From Den Till Now' project last month.

Without wasting any time, she is preparing to embark on another tour, this time in Europe, through Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Sweden. The tour is hosted by Swaggi Maggi of Top Up Production in Germany, and consists of 90-minute classes along with lectures, performances and judging the students in dance battles.

"I specialise in the female aspect of it, from old-school (moves) to movement of the waistline. I believe, as a female dancer, you must be able to dance and feel sexy with that classic finish."

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