Pay the police more - Bounty Killer urges Gov't to settle wage dispute

December 29, 2017
Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer
Robert Montague (centre), minister of national security, with entertainers Bounty Killer (right) and Ninja Man earlier this year.

Declaring that the show would be his Sting, Bounty Killer was in his element at the 100 Live Stage show held at 100 Hope Road on Wednesday night.

In classic Bounty Killer style, the entertainer spoke about several controversial issues, including oral sex, homosexuality, and corrupt politicians. The latter was perhaps what got him the biggest 'forward' of the night as the crowd seemed to agree with the reasoning of the 'poor people's governor'.

Speaking about the current 'sick out' by police officers islandwide, Bounty Killer urged the Government to pay the law enforcers more money, pointing out that with the crime situation currently facing the country, now is not the time to have law enforcers off the clock.

"Politician, unno cyaan make life hard and make it easier fi people do bad things, and den di crime rate escalate and leave it pan di police dem. Give the police dem di money," he said.

"Dah sick-out supmn deh weh dem have police a do inna dis time when the crime rate so high nuh right. Andrew Holness, hold dis: 'Give the police di money to fight the beast name crime."




Bounty Killer is believed to have the ears of Minister of National Security Robert Montague. In January, the Warlord and Ninja Man delivered motivitional messages to the police. They also gave suggestions on how to stem Jamaica's crime problem at a meeting that was attended by Montague. Ninja Man has since been sent to prison for life after he was convicted of murder earlier this month.

On Wednesday night, Bounty Killer advised members of the audience to be wise in their decisions about who gets to govern the country.

"You can't 'die-hearted' to foolishness. Dat's why nothing nah change inna Jamaica. Andrew say him have him stronghold and Peter say him have dem pan him Phillips. Unu better learn and shake up the system; run weh PNP and run weh JLP if dem nah do nothing. Unu up a Parliament not looking out for the less fortunate and the poor. A different people we want inna Jamaica now fi take we inna 2018."

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