Massive turnout for Strictly 2K

January 02, 2018


Perhaps it was the thought of hearing only songs from the 2000s that enticed party goers or maybe it was the hype surrounding Twin of Twins trying their hands at selecting.

Whatever it was that brought out patrons to the National Stadium Car Park on Saturday night, promoters must today be satisfied with the turnout as the venue was filled to capacity.

There was a hassle to get inside but once inside the venue, there was hardly room to move about.

Nevertheless, as if oblivious to the limited space to adequately enjoy themselves, patrons danced around in their spots and didn't seem to mind the tight squeeze.

DJ Nicco was the man at the consoles at that time of the morning, thrilling patrons with some warm-up selections.

Songs like Chino McGregor's 'Cyaah Fren Again', Munga's 'Take My Place', Ding Dong's 'Holiday' and Vybz Kartel's 'My Place A My Place' were enough to set the tone of the night.

Having got the crowd riled up and ready to take a trip down memory lane, Nicco made way for ZJ Liquid.

Wasting no time, he kicked things up a notch by encouraging patrons to couple up.

He catered to the women through songs like Leftside and Esco's 'Tuck In your Belly', Tony Matterhorn's 'Goodas Fi Dem', Vybz Kartel's 'Run Di Place' and Aidonia's '100 Stab' and had every man drawing close to a female as the selector took them back to the days when 'daggering' dominated dancehall.

Then it was time for Twin of Twins to execute their set and continue the momentum. The duo only played for approximately 15 minutes and although they received an occasional forward, patrons did not seem to be into their set 100 per cent.

They had a good selection of songs and stuck to the theme but the long introductions before each selection was too much for some patrons who would have preferred they skip the talking and stick to playing. They got their biggest forwards when the music just flowed freely.

The party ended at approximately 3:30 a.m. with patrons having mixed reactions about the overall execution.

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