Tommy Lee encourages colleagues to be more professional

January 02, 2018
Tommy Lee Sparta

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta is encouraging fellow entertainers to take the profession more seriously as they look to build a stronger legacy in 2018.

The entertainer, who was one of two artistes who did not turn up to the GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza last Monday, told THE STAR that having heard comments from the promoter of the event about the unprofessional tendencies that young entertainers display, he wants his colleagues to 'level up' as it relates to the business of music.

Tommy Lee, while explaining that his absence at the said event was unavoidable, says that entertainers should make no excuses when it comes to respecting the profession.

"Me nuh know bout the other artiste dem, innu, but me know me respect the profession," he said, explaining that over time, experience has allowed him to mature in the business. "Even if me never respect it den, time make me respect it. You learn a lot as you progress in this business, so things that you used to do when yuh just get yuh foot in, you drop them as time goes on, and you pick up ways that will help push your career."




The entertainer then sought to make it clear that it was never his intention to miss his set at the GT Taylor Extravaganza.

He apologised to his fans for his absence and explained that he has since made contact with the promoter to apologise for his absence.

Tommy Lee told THE STAR that the latter was not only a sign of good judgement, but is proof that he has indeed learnt a few lessons about professionalism over the years.

He then sought to encourage promoters to have faith in the younger generation of artistes as he believes that time will also teach many of them a thing or two about the profession.

"Some of the most respected artistes out there today, the legends, also made a few mistakes when they were young, so time will make most of them (the young entertainers) do better in every way," he said.

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