Patrons demand new Sandz venue

January 03, 2018
Traffic gridlock along the Palisadoes strip caused by unruly motorists attending the New Year's Day party, Sandz.

Partygoers who were left dissatisfied at the New Year's Day edition of Sandz are today asking for a venue change for the next staging of the event.

Pointing out that they did not get to adequately enjoy themselves because of several interruptions throughout the night and a premature end to the event, partygoers are urging promoters to consider taking the event elsewhere to avoid a repeat of Monday's chaos.

Tereisa Simpson, a patron at the event, told THE STAR that the chaos outside as a result of the traffic pile-up was felt on the inside.

"They gave us parking way down back to the airport side, and then a shuttle bus would take you to the venue, but some people never park dem car in the parking lots and carry dem on the side of the road, and police had to keep telling the promoter to tell the selector to lock off the music until the people move dem cars," she recounted.

"When some people move dem car and the music turn on back, it lock off again because other people park back in the spots dem nuh supposed to. Then, after about 7:30 p.m., more people did a come in, and some people a ask security fi fly the gate. Di people dem start push fi come in and a push down the security dem, and so di security dem say dem done work, and from dem stop work, the party did haffi lock off."

Javis Edwards, a male patron at the event, shared similar sentiments. Dubbing the event a disaster, Edwards pointed out that there was more quarrelling and chaos than partying.

"It is pertinent for some changes to be made because that venue is inadequate," he said. "The Sandz experience for me was no less than a complete disaster. I was displeased because I didn't enjoy myself. At 5 p.m., the music stopped for about two hours as the DJ started asking persons to move wrongly parked vehicles. Why do I suffer for other people's reckless behaviour?"

Having heard dissatisfaction expressed by numerous persons, including patrons, the promoters of Sandz have issued a statement apologising for the inconveniences caused by the traffic pile-up. Pointing out that having pulled out all the stops to ensure that the event flowed smoothly, they did not anticipate such a breakdown in organisation.

When asked about a possible venue change to avoid a repeat of Monday's events, the promoters said that they were open to the suggestion but stressed that for the event to take place devoid of certain occurrences in the future, patrons have to obey the rules outlined for the event.

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