Shaggy gets big movie role - Deejay's song also chosen as soundtrack for Netflix film

January 10, 2018
Shaggy and Friends held at Lawns of Jamaica House in St. Andrew on Sunday January 7, 2018

Netflix has released the first trailer for a new original film titled 'Game Over, Man', and Grammy-winning artiste Shaggy is featured.

The action comedy is set to be released at the end of March, and will see Pitch Perfect actor Adam Levine starring alongside Comedy Central's Anders Holm and Blake Anderson.

The movie is about three friends on the verge of getting their video game financed when their benefactor is taken hostage by terrorists. In the trailer, which was officially released less than a week ago, Shaggy is featured as one of the hostages.

With a gun to his head, the trailer goes on to show Shaggy being forced to sing the lyrics of his popular It Wasn't Me hit as the stars Levine, Blake, and Holm follow in a 'singalong' of sorts.

The singer brought the film to Jamaica's attention on Monday when he posted the trailer on his official Instagram page. Since then, the entertainer has been receiving a flood of congratulatory comments with persons expressing joy at a Jamaican being featured in a film of that nature.

Many have already committed to watching the film once it is released on March 23.

According to several movie review sites, Shaggy's appearance adds to the theme of humour that runs throughout the film. But that's not the only reason for his addition. The move to cast the entertainer seemed to have been a strategic one, according to these movie review websites, as his song It Wasn't Me serves as the official soundtrack for the movie.




Speaking with THE STAR, Shaggy revealed that he was approached by the movie's director about being part of the film.

He said that he was on the movie set for about two days to film his part, and described the experience as a fun one. He went on to reveal that aside from the scene of the trailer, he will appear in a few more scenes from the film.

As for his song being the soundtrack, Shaggy said the choice was a good one as It Wasn't Me is still one of the most recurrent songs on radio and is still selling on catalogue charts.

Game Over, Man was first announced in June 2016. The teaser trailer was released last May with an original release date of April 20, 2018. Game Over, Man is one of 80 original movies that Netflix is readying for 2018.

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