Ding Dong gets 'Bolt' of confidence from Usain

January 11, 2018
Ding Dong
Ding Dong

An endorsement from the world's fastest man on an international platform has dancer-turned-artiste Ding Dong over the moon today.

In an interview with CNET at CES 2018 (a consumer technology expo) on Tuesday, Usain Bolt said Ding Dong is the artiste whose music he currently listens to.

This isn't the first time that Bolt has endorsed Jamaican entertainers on an international platform, as he has made it known on several occasions previously that he is a devoted Gaza fan.

But the athlete's acknowledgment is a big deal for Ding Dong as he believes a stamp of approval from Bolt can only benefit his career.

"When me watch it, me was like: 'Wow, this is a good look' because me know him deep wid Vybz Kartel music and thing because him always a big up Vybz Kartel. For him to acknowledge me like dat and den him say artiste, him never say dancer, dat fi show yuh say him consider me pan da level deh," he said with excitement.




He noted that Bolt dances to his songs and vibes to them but said that he didn't know "Him (Bolt) a medz it pan da level deh where him a go call me out pan an interview, and not just any interview on an international platform."

"I know how big this is because look how much artiste deh a Jamaica. Him coulda call so many other artiste name, but him call Ding Dong name and me really appreciate it," said the artiste.

Ding Dong told THE STAR that Bolt's acknowledgment comes at the perfect time as he has been thinking about targeting the market outside of Jamaica on a bigger scale for 2018.

"I know a lot of people are asking: 'Who is Ding Dong?' Now so me know him open a lot of people's eyes to my work. I've been getting a whole heap of looks based on a lot of things last year, (like) the Prime Minister Youth Awards, (and) the Shaggy and Friends concert. So me know people a catch on to the movement but most of that has been on the local scene," he explained.

He added: He's associated with so many top people, so many brands, me never know who might call me yah now."

The entertainer added that the industry should recognise and appreciate Bolt's cultural contributions, pointing out that during his athletic career, he did not just represent sports but also the country's music and dance.

"He has done so much for the culture and we never even ask him fi do it. He has given so many entertainers highlights, Kartel, Popcaan, Alkaline and a whole heap more and him deserve some recognition for that," he said. "Big up Bolt, if nobody else no say it, me affi say it. Me rate you to the fullest, even before dis."

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