Damage Musiq to build on 2017 success

January 12, 2018
Shane O

Record producer Damage is hoping to build on the success of his label Damage Musiq in 2018.

He believes the Montego Bay-based label is the most successful in rural Jamaica, boosted by a slew of hits from Tommy Lee Sparta and collaborations with mainstream acts.

"Songs like Not A Badness, Antidote, Soul Reaper and them thing deh all got millions of views on YouTube and yu done know, a streaming the thing deh ya now," he said. "We have been making progress and that is not the easiest thing to accomplish outside of Kingston, so I think we deserve a lot of credit."

He said 2017 was a breakthrough year for the label and felt the numbers proved that, despite what some say.

"Numbers don't lie, so check the scoreboard. We are also responsible for Shane O's comeback single, Last Days. So, again, do the maths," Damage said.

Rural-based labels are considered to be at a huge disadvantage because Kingston remains the hub for music production.

However, Damage is adamant that labels outside of Kingston can be just as successful, provided that the quality of work is good.

"We put a lot of work into production and giving out international level of professionalism. When the production is good, you have already shown that you have a good product, so the next step is to now put in the work to promote the records and make hits, and repeat the process," he said.

Damage said networking was also good because Damage Musiq couldn't do it without working with some of the biggest artistes in the music industry.

"But at the same time, if yu quality nuh good, a man still not gonna want to work with you," he said.

Damage Musiq is set to release its first compilation for 2018 soon.

The label was recently featured in the internationally renowned Fader magazine for the effort Knock It, featuring Masicka.

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