Razor B takes on soca with 'Stuck Gyal'

January 12, 2018
Razor B

With carnival less than three months away, dancehall artiste Razor B has begun the revelling with his new single, 'Stuck Gyal'.

The song, which is scheduled for official release on Monday, sees the entertainer stepping out of his usual dancehall space and into the soca realm, something he told THE WEEKEND STAR that he has always wanted to do.

"My new song is for Jamaica Carnival 2018. It was produced by myself and Kritikal Productions. I was approached by the CEO of Jamaica Carnival to do a song this year. I am a big fan of Byron Lee music, so there's no way I would turn down that offer," he said.

"I've always wanted to try soca, because I know it's something I would be good at, based on the number of dancing songs I have. Carnival is not so different from dancehall in terms of the content. Both genres encourage people to enjoy themselves through dance."

Razor B went on to say that he will be one of the artistes involved in Jamaica Carnival 2018, and he explained that he is looking forward to the experience.

"I've always been busy around carnival time, so I never get the chance to go watch the ladies whine up. I am proud to say I am an ambassador for Jamaica Carnival, so now carnival definitely can't miss me, and I also have a reason now to keep my shirt off," he said, laughing.

The entertainer, who is also known for endorsing local dancers, said that he called upon Kimiko Versatile and her team to create a dance for the song. He explained that the dance move matches the energy of the track.

"I was in Nevis thinking about something fun and easy. I told Kimiko Versatile, who was on tour with me, the idea I had, and she just built the dance. It's very catchy just like the song, and has a fun vibe that everyone, not just soca fans, can appreciate."

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