Vershon shifts focus for 2018

January 12, 2018

A feud with Jahmiel, an alleged run-in with Mavado, and court dates with the mother of his child are just some of the things that dominated the headlines for dancehall artiste Vershon last year.

Because of the controversies, he said that he has shifted focus for 2018 and is only channelling positivity.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR about the release of his first single for the year, Vershon said he has started 2018 on a thankful note and wants to remain in that space of gratitude going forward.

"My new single is called One More Day, and it's basically about me being thankful in spite of everything," he said. "We lost so many entertainers to crime and violence last year, and at the end of the year, we saw Ninja Man joining Vybz Kartel in prison. I was just looking at my life and thanking God that despite everything that has happened, I'm still here."

He added that the birth of his daughter has plenty to do with the change he is now undergoing, as he now has two mouths to feed and two people who are looking at him as an example of how to live.

"I have to think about them in everything, and in thinking about them I have to think about making music for the long term. Songs about certain things only last a time, and I want more than that as an entertainer. I want to leave a legacy, something that my children will be proud of," he said.

He said that this year, the pressure of wanting to be in the spotlight as an entertainer will not take centre stage in his life, and he will not be feeding into any negativity for publicity.

"Me get over every controversy for last year. The thing about controversy is that it keeps you in the spotlight, but for the wrong things, and me nuh deh pan di negative energy this year," he said. "I'm not anticipating any feuds this year, and if there are any that pop up, me definitely nuh deh pan dat medz."

Vershon revealed that he is putting together an album. The compilation will be a mix of old and new tracks and will showcase the best of the entertainer's work.

With a release date of April in mind, Vershon said that the album will be a test run of sorts, and will be free to the public.

He said that depending on how this album is received, he will think about releasing another in the near future that people will have to purchase.

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