Jah Bouks' manager to sue promoter

January 16, 2018
Jah Bouks

Patricia Panton, manager for reggae act Jah Bouks, said she will be filing a lawsuit against a United States-based producer who she alleges failed to pay the Call Angola singer for performances in Africa.

"I am feeling very disappointed," Panton said, adding that Jah Bouks is yet to receive payment for shows in Senegal and Gambia late last year.

Jah Bouks, along with reggae singer Jah Cure, performed with several African acts at shows in Senegal in December.

"We are currently pursuing legal action against him," she said.

When THE STAR contacted Jah Cure, he refused to comment on the matter.

The producer at the centre of the issue could not be reached for comment as attempts to contact him via Facebook proved futile.

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