Ifrica says radio shunning 'Daddy' song

January 17, 2018
Queen Ifrica

Queen Ifrica said she believes officials from the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica when they informed her that her song Daddy Don't Touch Me There was not banned from the airwaves.

But she wants them to look into why the song isn't being played on radio.

The entertainer made a shocking revelation during her performance at Rebel Salute, in the wee hours of Sunday, when she said the song was banned.

However, no sooner had she completed her performance, than executive director of the commission, Cordel Green, sent a message via emcee Ron Mushette to inform Ifrica and the hundreds in attentandce that this was incorrect.

In a post-performance interview, Ifrica told THE STAR that she got her information from good sources and said since she received that news, she has noticed that the song isn't being played, hence her request of the commission.

"It (the song) is used in a lot of schools for a lot of workshops to encourage kids who suffer from this abuse, so why shouldn't it be playing on the radio more often, especially now when sexual abuse is so prevalent," she said. "If it nuh ban as dem say, den radio disc jocks unu need fi do di thing because the message should be going out there to encourage more young people to come out and speak about this (abuse), if it has happened or is happening to them."

Ifrica expressed that she has always been the type of artiste to call things as she sees it, and said she will continue doing that as it is her duty to the people.

"Me nuh fraid fi mash people corn, because a di corn dem weh me a mash. You have these giant people that call themselves society and they prey upon the masses," she said. "I represent the masses, so when I go on stage I have to talk about things affecting them." she explained.

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