Moziyah’s 'The Truth' to set reggae lovers free

January 18, 2018

Reggae singer Moziyah (pronounced Mosiah) is seeking to impact global music lovers with great music, and with a name that resonates of Jamaica's first national hero, he already has one box ticked.Now the Kingston-born, US-based artiste believes that his latest track, The Truth, will launch his career as a vocalist, having honed his skills as a musician from a young age.

"The Truth is a dancehall vibration but it's positive music; it's hardcore dancehall with positive lyrics," is how the artiste, whose real name is Andrew Moziyah Roberts, described the track in an interview with THE STAR.

Released late last year, the song is garnering attention locally and internationally, with the accompanying video making the rounds in the Caribbean.

"We're getting good feedback; we can't really complain. We always want to be bigger and better and greater, and that's why we're here right now. I think the response is great, but we want it to be greater," he said.

The Truth is produced by Moziyah's Ingenuity Movement Zone Entertainment.

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