Policeman set to release debut album

January 18, 2018
Ricardo McCalpin

Police corporal and singjay Ricardo 'Wowski' McCalpin is preparing to release his debut album, 'Colour The World', on February 24.

In an interview with THE STAR earlier this week, the entertainer said that after years of honing his skills, he believes that this is the appropriate time to release the album.

"I think this is the time to release the album because February is the time when the Grammy Awards opens the selection process for albums to be nominated. Over the years I have tested the waters by releasing a few singles, and my fans have been waiting for me to release this project. It is now completed, and we are ready to satisfy the consumers of music worldwide," he said.

In addition to the title song, the 17-track album consists of other singles such as Run Dung Gun, Psalm 99 and Money Pree.

"The songs are really inspirational, and I believe the messages will leave a positive impact on the listeners, especially the youths. Motivation is what we really need now because we need to go back to the days when order, proper values and attitudes were the order of the day," Wowski explained.

Admitting that he is aware of the downward sales for local reggae and dancehall music, the entertainer said that he is still optimistic about his album's success.

"We hope that it will achieve major success on international platforms. For instance, we really hope that it can be nominated for a Grammy Award and hit the Billboard charts," he said.

Colour the World was produced by Michael Fairman of Vision House Records.

Stationed at the Community Safety and Security Branch, Wowski holds a master's degree in physical education from the University of Technology.

He conceptualised a crime-fighting plan which incorporates music, called 'Fighting Crime with Rhyme', in 2013. He has since visited more than 40 schools islandwide, spreading his message and offering words of advice. Paul Bogle High in St Thomas, Port Antonio High in Portland, Charlie Smith High in Kingston and Ewarton High in St Catherine were among his stops.

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