Spotlight teams up with Macka Diamond

January 18, 2018

Dancehall deejay Spotlight has teamed up with Macka Diamond for a song called Prove It.

"Since I put up the song on my Instagram with me and Macka Diamond a eat ice cream together, ah crazy things gwaan, mad comments. The song ah go hard," said Spotlight, whose real name is Stennett Harris.

The single has been released on the Cornelius Records label, and will be officially distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution on Friday.

"It was pre-released online through some sites on YouTube on January 11th, and the feedback so far has been great. the song has been playing on the radio ... and in the streets at Weddy Weddy, Magnum Wednesdays, and All Star Thursdays," he said. "The ice cream-eating video with me and Macka promoting the song has close to 10,000 views already, so people ah gravitate towards it. it's a great look so far."

He plans to shoot a video for the project in February.

He is also promoting another single, the racy Annie, also produced by Cornelius Records on The Ruler rhythm.

"Right now the ting ah shine bright," he said.

Spotlight recently performed on shows such as GT Taylor Xtravaganza and Galiday Bounce last December.

He is booked to perform at a show at Club Fevah at Margaritaville, Ocho Rios, on February 23.

Other songs to look out for include Kunta Bounce featuring Elephant Man and King and Queen (Need Money).

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