Stars 'salute the Rebel'

January 18, 2018
Agent Sasco
Ding Dong
Rondell Positive
Lionel Rookwood The show's promoter, Tony Rebel.

Following another successful staging of Rebel Salute, several entertainers have sought to salute the organisers of the festival for their hard work in sustaining the festival for more than two decades.

Speaking with THE STAR following their performances, several artistes congratulated Tony Rebel and his team for helping in the preservation of reggae music through this historic event. Last weekend's staging of the reggae show marked its 25th anniversary.

Ikaya: Big up Rebel Salute. Queen Ifrica, Tony Rebel and the entire team, keep doing what you're doing. Over the years, we've seen there aren't many live festivals, and for them to maintain their presence for 25 years is definitely something special. They're doing a great job at preserving reggae music, and I have to commend them on that. Let live music live!

Agent Sasco: It's a festival in St Ann, but it goes all over the world. I would estimate about a half dozen performances for me at Rebel Salute, and I am grateful for the event. It's one of the premiere reggae shows on the entertainment calendar, and to see it last so many years when so many other calendar events have fallen off, it's good to have it continuing for so long. I remember the first time I went, parking was a real nightmare. Now you roll up and park and everything is smooth, so kudos to the team for ironing out the issues year after year and improving. Salute to the Rebel, because it's a good vibe.

Rondell Positive: Shows like these are where ministry is needed, and I thank the promoters of Rebel Salute for allowing me to spread the gospel on this stage. I am a Jesus person, and Jesus would say 'why do I need to go to the persons that are healthy? They don't need a doctor'. I wish Rebel Salute another 25 years of success as they continue their work.

Daville: I am reintroducing myself to Jamaica, and what better stage to do that than on the Rebel Salute stage? This is a truly one-of-a-kind show, and I have to say big thank you to (Tony) Rebel and his team for playing their part in preserving the music. For a show to go on for 25 years is no easy thing, but they've accomplished it through hard work and dedication, and I really want Jamaica to do what they can to ensure the show lasts another 25 years. Invest in the music and keep the culture alive.

Ding Dong: When I was booked for the show, a lot of people ask me 'is wah yuh gonna go up there and sing? Is a Rastaman show', but me glad Rebel gimme the chance fi show people say Rastaman can dance and have fun, too. This show is one of the things that is right with the music, and I just want people to continue supporting it. Big up Rebel and the whole crew. The music need more shows like this, so just gwaan do unu thing, man.

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