LC's bedtime is still 7 p.m. - Agent Sasco controlling children's involvement in entertainment scene

January 19, 2018
Agent Sasco's children (from left) Allyana, Joshua and Lauren.
Agent Sasco with his kids (from left) Joshua, Lauren and Allyana.
Agent Sasco

From the likes of Nadine Sutherland to Jimmy Ticker to Delroy Wilson, Jamaica has had a rich history when it comes to child stars.

The last child to have shot to stardom in the music business in Jamaica was dancehall artiste QQ. The Poverty singer catapulted to fame at the age of nine and has never looked back since. Since QQ, there has been the likes of Wayne J and Xylophone, young artistes whom many Jamaican believe have what it takes to build on the legacy.

Today, Lauren Campbell, more popularly known as LC, is being touted by many as someone who has that special talent that could go the long haul in the entertainment industry.

LC, the youngest daughter of entertainer Agent Sasco and his wife Nicole, made a mark on the world through her many viral videos on social media.

Although the young Campbell was not necessarily doing music at the time, she catapulted into the spotlight, and it was not long before her talent and her passion for the entertainment world surfaced.

Earlier this month, that passion materialised with her first song, I Am A Foodie, being premiered on the radio. And just last week, LC and her brother Joshua (JC) dropped their first music video. The video earned LC and JC a piece of history as their first video made the top ten list of trending videos on YouTube. And in just one week, the video received almost 30,000 views.

An extremely proud Agent Sasco told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is grateful that he gets the opportunity to support his children's passions.

However, while he is happy that he gets the opportunity to facilitate their talents, Sasco said that he is taking steps to ensure that his children do not take on more 'stardom' than they can manage.

"It's so great to watch them grow. The most rewarding thing for me is to be able to support them in their different interests. To be able to facilitate them in whatever they want to do is good," he said.

"But forget everything else, our primary responsibility as parents is to guide them and help them to find the best of themselves, and that mission doesn't change, no matter what. No matter what happens she is my six-year-old, and we're gonna concentrate on that first. Everything else is secondary."

The entertainer said that while LC has a video out and may now want to be more involved in the entertainment scene, he and his wife are putting plans in place to ensure that their children take the industry in strides.

"Yes, she has a video out, but you won't be getting her doing interviews or making appearances. Her bedtime is still 7 p.m. The other day, regarding Shaggy and Friends, we were getting ready; she was like, 'can I come?' Shaggy and Friends was a family event, so we allowed her to go," he said.

"But now, every time we're going somewhere she's asking to go and I take a lesson from that, because now I have to gauge her and manage each situation as we go along. She won't be going to every show."

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