Agent Sasco getting ready to drop new album

January 22, 2018
Agent Sasco

It has been one a year since the release of his last album, Theory of Reggaetivity, but Agent Sasco believes it's time to release another.

In an interview with The STAR following his performance at the recently concluded Rebel Salute, the entertainer said that a compilation is in the works and could be released as early as May.

"Having the studio has facilitated the process a whole lot more," said Sasco, who recently completed work on a recording studio at his home.

"I wouldn't't say it has made it easier but because you have your own space there's definitely more time to change things, take away that or add this. The creative process is definitely flowing better."

He told The STAR that the project under construction has 14 tracks at this point, and he has not ruled adding more.

"It started off as a 12-song project and now we're up to 14 because we start finding some song where we say 'no we cant leave off dat'. We're close to the finish line and I'm thinking that we should have a solid project for the people."

Quizzed about whether he has Grammy aspirations for his soon-to-be released compilation, Sasco said his mission, as an entertainer, is to make music that people will appreciate.

"In recording the Theory of Reggaetivity one of the things we focused on, as part of the process, was to divorce all outcomes and it's the same for this one," he said. "We will take whatever comes, don't get me wrong, but it's not about anything other than what we're doing. We're trying to make music that people will appreciate and that still is the mission."

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