'Graveyard' video sends life message

January 22, 2018
Tarrus Riley

The new Tarrus Riley music video for 'Graveyard' has come at a time when the call for an end to crime and violence in Jamaica has strengthened.

The visuals were released last Thursday, the same day Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared a state of public emergency in the crime stricken parish of St James. The song encourages gunmen to let go of a life of crime and poignantly states that if they don't, death is sure. Riley assures gunmen who are still alive that "the wickedest man dem live dung a graveyard" and encourages them to "look a work" because "badness nuh pay".

Although the video lasts for just under five minutes, the message it intends to send did not miss. The Nile Saulter directed project documents the life of a gunman and graphically shows the end each gunman will eventually meet.

Riley, in promoting his new video via Instagram, encouraged Jamaicans to look into the reason why they are killing each other and do something about it. "Why are we so aggressive towards each other? Who wins?




I personally have lost friends by the bullet and all now cyah understand why it couldn't resolve another way," he wrote. "Jamaican people, Caribbean people, worldwide people, we are destroying ourselves faster than any plague or disease or natural disaster. When will it end? Is it possible?"

He then went on to say that he hopes the music video will start and keep the conversation going about what can be done to curb the monster of crime. In another post, Riley pleaded with all mothers, daughters, and sisters to talk to the men in their lives and help them to see that "badness nuh pay". At the end of his music video, a woman believed to have been the love interest of one of the gunmen can be seen with tears streaming down her face having laid to rest a man she cared for.

Since its release, the Graveyard video has amassed close to 5,000 views on YouTube and has been given the thumbs up from fans for its message. "This song is message to Jamaica," one viewer wrote in the comments. "Relevant. A warning to those who think they're bad. Put badness down and pick up life," another commented.

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