Charly Black gives boost to Tony Curtis' song

January 24, 2018
Charly Black
Tony Curtis

After 15 years in the business, production house Truckback Records continues to produce quality music that resonate with listeners.

The label's latest venture is the song Hallelujah, which was recorded by singer Tony Curtis and dancehall artiste Charly Black.

The song is now getting a lot of attention on radio and on the dancehall scene.

"Tony Curtis wrote the lyrics after we decided how we would like the song to come across so that everyone could relate to it. With the acoustic vibe, we added more instrumentation featuring a fretless bass guitar, an electric guitar, and piano in some areas. We then decided to title the song Hallelujah," said Truckback's Steve Locke.

He continued: "Charly Black heard it playing at Weddy Weddy while Tony and I were there, and he approached the singer asking if he could be a part of the song. Charly was overwhelmed by the spiritual vibe of it and knew the collaboration would be awesome. He requested the addition of drums because there weren't any present at the time. Without hesitation, I went to the studio and did the addition. I sent it to him and in return he added his lyrics and sent the file.

The Hallelujah remix tackles issues such as the spiralling crime wave in Jamaica, as well as happenings around the world.

"Charly complemented the song very well. The song has great energy that dancers can get to dance to. It's definitely an upbeat song that will make you move," Locke added.

Truckback Records is known for the hits including Lose A Friend by I-Octane, Click My Finger by Erup, and Dye Dye by Macka Diamond.

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