Trekar encourages youngsters to chase dreams

January 24, 2018

Dancehall artiste Trekar believes that arming disadvantaged youths with the tools to make their dreams a reality can help fix some of Jamaica's societal problems such as chronic unemployment and gun violence.

"Dreams are what define us as individuals. They are the driving force behind innovation and change, but when youths realise that they can't fulfil their dreams, they turn to less desirable avenues to achieve things. If the authorities can't provide opportunities for them, those youths can tear a country apart," he said.

That's why he is banking on the success of his latest release, Dreamchaser, which is already gaining traction at the street dances in the corporate area.

"Selector Boom Boom a push Dreamchaser in the streets. The song a play a Triple Thursdays. Ghetto Bomb a mad manager, so I am in the streets hard a push it, and we are expecting big things," the 24-year-old artiste, whose real name is Trekar Blake, said.

Dreamchaser was released on the MaineStone Entertainment label on December 20 via iTunes and other streaming sites. He will be releasing another single, the sexually charged Top Man, also on the MaineStone Entertainment label, in February.

"My management will be focusing on getting shows this first quarter. There is also interest from promoters for a tour of Canada in June, and there are radio stations in the Caribbean already responding to the song, so the signs are good," said Trekar, who grew up in Portmore, St Catherine.

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