Climaxx denies romantic relationship with I Wayne

January 25, 2018
I Wayne

The 2016 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall winner Clymaxx has denied that she has a romantic relationship with reggae artiste I Wayne.

Rumours began circulating that the two were involved after they made an appearance at the recently concluded Rebel Salute.

During his set, I Wayne called out Clymaxx for them to perform a song together.

After 'burning the fire' on everything from meat eaters to oral sex, the crowd could not comprehend why I Wayne would invite Clymaxx on stage, with her piercings and tattoos clearly visible.

The audience could be heard whispering, "So how him nah bun out dem tattoo deh?" concluding that the two must be romantically involved.

However, in an interview with THE STAR, Clymaxx said that aside from music, she and the Lava Grung singer have nothing going on.

"It's strictly business, nothing personal. It's strictly music and entertainment and nothing beyond that," she said. "It's just a veteran sighting a newcomer and see the potential and feel like the world nah accept the newcomer well enough and him a try make it happen."




She pointed out that I Wayne doesn't necessarily agree with her 'image', but explained that he respects her talent and has been willing to support her growth as an artiste.

"Him accept me for who I am and is willing to adjust anything that requires adjustment. Him a try encourage me fi maintain a level a consciousness and a teach me certain things," she said.

Clymaxx said that she will be making some changes to her image and sound as she has learnt from working with I Wayne that she has to do music that will transcend Jamaica.

Clymaxx noted that she did mostly gun songs, but I Wayne wanted to give a her clean vibration.

"Is not like me ago sing say 'nuh eat no meat', or dis and dat but at the end of the day him a teach me how fi do world music instead a music weh a go stop one place," she said.

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